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Dream Catchers

As the legend goes, the Dream Catcher was used by the Woodland Indians and was hung in the lodge. Its use was to catch all dreams, good or bad, The bad dreams would get caught up in the webbing and be held there till first morning light, then burned off. The good dreams were caught, and knowing their way to the hole in the center, would filter down the feathers and be held there, only to return another night, to be dreamed.

These Dream Catchers are made with jute wrapped metal rings, sinew web, and decorated with feathers, beads and fur.

  Item 040
Item# 040
$ 10.00
Item 041
Item# 041
$ 15.00
  Item 042
Item# 042
$ 20.00
  Item 154
Item# 154
Double 6"-9"
$ 55.00
Item 155
Item# 155
Triple 6"-9"-12"
$ 75.00

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